Our Forklift Training Services in Portsmouth, Hampshire and throughout the UK 

Our experience tells us that well-trained, efficient, motivated drivers can make a real difference to your business. 
Time is Money – rapid but accurate moving, loading and unloading of goods is the goal of all warehouse operations, and directly impacts on your bottom-line. An investment in high-quality training will mean that your newly qualified team can rapidly get up to speed and provide that much-needed Return on Investment. 

Who We Train 

Courses for Novice Drivers – ideal for those with no, or very little experience on a Forklift Truck, who wish to forge a career in Forklift truck driving. Employers and HR teams need the reassurance that skilled and experienced trainers will bring, maximising pass rates and providing confidence that the workforce will meet modern standards of safety and efficiency. 
Refresher Courses – ideal for any more experienced staff, irrespective of the number of years’ experience which they have. In fact, staff who have had many years’ experience have often taken on bad habits which can make them less efficient, and more prone to accidents and breakages. Employers and HR teams undertaking efficiency and safety reviews will recognise the benefits that scheduled refresher training will bring. 
Reach Trucks 
Isle Master 
Breakages cost time and money 
Accuracy and care are as critical as speed and efficiency. Goods, trucks and storage which are damaged by poorly trained staff are the not-so hidden costs. 
Staff accidents cost time, money and reputation 
Staff time off sick, temps being brought in, and worst of all, the interest of the Health and Safety Executive. In a worst case scenario, an employment Tribunal or a Court Case. All of these scenarios will require Management and HR to divert their efforts from their core purposes . Effective, documented training can mitigate all of these risks, and provide the evidence in your favour if and when needed. 

Individual and Group Forklift Truck Training 

Sunrise have experience carrying out both personal one-to-one training and with small groups, and we discount our rates where more than one person is booked onto a course. 
Our course lengths will vary according to the number of participants from 3-5 days, with Refresher training lasting between 1-3 days. 
The maximum of number of course participants being trained together is 3. If you have a requirement for a larger group to be trained, please contact us to discuss your requirements further. 

 Types of trucks we provide training for: 

Sunrise can provide training for almost all types of Forklifts. 

 Training Format and Outcomes 

Following a Health and Safety briefing, our training for both novice and experienced drivers comprises a simple 3 stage process: 
Theory – teaching of the knowledge required to safely and effectively operate a Forklift truck, followed by a multiple question test (some multi choice answers and some written answers). Successfully passing this test is a pre-requisite to progressing onto the next stage. 
Practical – instruction and practice of the truck controls, and undertaking safe manoeuvres, including chicanes, figures of eight, reversing and pallet stacking, focusing on appropriate speed and accuracy in a safe manner. 
Assessment – on the final day (assuming satisfactory progress) a Practical Assessment of the candidate by Sunrise will be undertaken. 
A typical training day will held between 8am and 4pm, with comfort breaks in the morning and afternoon and a 30 minute lunch. If you require different timings, or any of your candidates have specific needs, please do enquire, as we will always try and tailor our offering to you as best we can, and will make reasonable adjustments to our training where necessary. 
Certificate and Licence 
Our pass rates are high, due to the quality and rigour of our training, however, as you might expect, we cannot guarantee a 100% pass rate. Where a candidate fails the assessment, Sunrise will make a recommendation as to whether a repeat of the training is likely to produce a different outcome. 
Successful candidates will be provided with a certificate of completion, and an ITSSAR approved licence will be issued by Sunrise within 7 working days. 
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